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Asbestos Risk Management Specialists

Asbestos Regulation & Environmental Compliance Consultants

Asbestos Survey Inspections - We are INAB/HSA Accredited to ISO Safety Standard 17020 (Inspection)

Asbestos Testing Laboratory - We are INAB/HSA Accredited to ISO Safety Standard 17025 (Testing)

    ISO Accreditation is the internationally accepted and recognized standard    
    for the competence, impartiality and consistency of independent asbestos testing & inspection bodies.    

    ****For confidence in your test results always check that the INAB Conformity Logos are on the Survey Report****    


Asbestos Surveys
(Site Inspection)
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Sample Analysis
(Laboratory Testing) 
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 Air Monitoring
(Asbestos Fibre Detection)
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CACL was established in 2010 as an independent asbestos consultancy by Sinead Stafford, M.Sc, B.Eng, Dip Env Eng, Dip H&S, MIOSH, MIEI.

Our Head Office and Laboratory is located in Dublin. CACL is a one stop shop asbestos consultancy, providing the full range of asbestos consultancy services, from surveys, sampling, lab analysis, advice, management plans, tender management, training, removal project management, air monitoring and clearance certification.

Since its formation, CACL has continuously developed and grown in capacity and scalability to become a market leader, that can manage any project size both efficiently and effectively. We are dedicated in our activities to ensure the prevention of harm to people and the environment. In demonstration of our commitment to this belief, we carry out surveys and testing to ISO Standards.

You can always rest assured that CACL will have a solution for any asbestos problem you encounter. The services we provide are unparalleled in service and will always be delivered to the highest integrity and standards.



What is Asbestos?

So you need to get an asbestos survey, and you’ve heard of asbestos in the news. You may know that asbestos is very harmful, but you don’t really know what it is ?

Where is Asbestos Found?

Asbestos is resistant to heat, fire, electricity and chemicals. It has really good sound absorption qualities and a high tensile strength. As a result, many products which could benefit from these properties have had asbestos added to them.



CACL are currently recruiting to work at our head office laboratory in Dublin. To apply for a vacancy, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: careers@cacl.ie

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