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Bulk Sample Analysis

Celtic Asbestos Consultancy is an independent asbestos testing laboratory, to conduct Asbestos Sampling and Testing in Ireland. We operate an in-house Asbestos Testing Laboratory, offering customers efficient turnaround times, by removing the practice of sending hazardous bulk samples by post to accredited laboratories in the UK for testing and delaying results.

CACL can attend site to take samples, or samples can be delivered directly to our laboratory for analysis. Generally one of our trained and experienced surveyors will attend your site to take samples of the suspected asbestos materials for you.

On completion of analysis our laboratory will issue you with an test certificate, which will outline the presence and type of asbestos.

In addition to the certificate, the surveyor, who collected the sample, will prepare a report detailing appropriate advise and recommended actions to take, based on the type and condition of the asbestos containing material.

We offer a fast turn-around service for when you need a quick response, or a cost-effective bulk materials alternative for large sample batches.


CACL have built our reputation over the years by giving our customers a reliable and competitive service that they can trust and have confidence in. A service which complies with the highest quality assurance standards.


For confidence in your asbestos test results, always look for the CACL logo!  

For further details or to request a quote please follow the link below.

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