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Air Monitoring

Celtic Asbestos Consultancy is an independent asbestos testing laboratory, to conduct Air Monitoring and Asbestos Fibre Counting in Ireland, in accordance with HSE document HSG248 Asbestos: The Analysts' Guide. We operate an in-house Asbestos Testing Laboratory, offering customers efficient same day testing, by removing the practice of sending slides by post to accredited laboratories in the UK for testing and delaying results, leading to re-occupation certification not being issued for several days.

Asbestos Fibre Air Monitoring is an inspection test used to detect and document the level of free asbestos fibres within a specific location, to determine if the surrounding atmosphere is safe to occupy (pass) or unsafe to occupy (fail), if free asbestos fibres concentrations are airborne and detected.

Asbestos Exposure is at its most critical stage during asbestos works, when exposue is at its highest level. Asbestos air monitoring is undertaken during this stage to assess free asbestos fibre concentrations being generated by the removal / encapsulation process, to ensure and document that the asbestos works are being carried out carefully and within permitted exposure limits. 

CACL carry out the following inspection tests, to ensure asbestos works are carried out and completed to the highest standards available, in line with HSG248, in-house procedures and the Exposure to Asbestos Regulations. 

  • 4 Stage Clearance Test

      (Certificate of Re-Occupation)

  • Reassurance Air Monitoring Test

  • Personnel Air Monitoring Test

  • Background Air Testing

  • Leak Air Testing

All Asbestos Tests, including 4 Stage Clearance, are produced and completed on-site electronically, with certification available on completion and via your client cloud portal, before the analyst leaves the site. 


CACL have built our reputation over the years by giving our customers a reliable and competitive service that they can trust and have confidence in. A service which complies with an ISO quality assurance standards, that are accepted worldwide. 

For confidence in your asbestos test results, always look for the CACL logo!  

For further details or to request a quote please follow the link below.

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